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The year 2020 is a great time to look ahead and explore what change might look like in the year 2040.

Future of Planning Rural Regions – How do we plan for the future of rural? Is it interconnected with urban counterparts, while at times frustrated by urban-centred thinking and policy? What knowledge, tools and techniques can help us inform an integrated regional approach today for a more resilient rural future?

Future of Rural People – How will the population of rural change by 2040? How can we start adapting to and supporting trends today be they on aging, sable and even declining population levels? A labour force with employment-ready skills?

Future of Rural Development – What could rural economy and services look like in 2040? What areas do rural regions need to improve now to participate in the current and future digital economy more effectively? What about the infrastructure deficit in rural Canada?

Future of Agriculture and Food – How will agriculture and food change by 2040? How do we improve food security and sustainability today? What Protein advantage will feed more? How are we adapting to climate variations and extreme weather events?

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